Workstream 1: Raw and Advanced Materials

WS 1 addresses the needs from cell/battery producers and OEM’s for advanced battery materials meeting their cost, performance and sustainablity targets. Thus, this workstream aims to develop a sustainable sourcing and processing of relevant battery raw materials, e.g. lithium, nickel, manganese, etc., both from domestic and overseas sources, thus, to fulfil the European standards in terms of sustainability and CO2 footprint.

Therefore, implementing a recycled feedstock helps to ensure these criteria via recycling. Furthermore, the potentials for domestic mining of critical raw materials in the context of LIBs, e.g. lithium and/or nickel, will be assets to ensure an inner-European closed battery life cycle assessment. Besides the active raw materials, further raw materials in the context of electrochemical energy storage are tackled in this workstream such as for the electrolyte and its additives focused on domestic production for conducting salts and their precursors, as well as cost efficient polyolefin based components (e.g. separators and battery housings).

Additionally, it is critical to improve the understanding of the relationship between raw material structures and advanced material for battery properties. To this end, the development of alternative production routes to close the value chain with regard to refining and precursors of electrochemical energy storage materials (e.g. anode/cathode, electrolytes, and separators) is another aim of this WS.

Key for a reliable supply of high quality raw materials for the European battery production is the setup of local production capabilities such as for processing of lithium hydroxide. Furthermore, innovative, scalable, sustainable and energy-efficient battery material production processes, especially for anode and cathode materials, are tackled in this WS focussing on new generations (new synthetic graphites and silicon anode material types) as well as alternative anode materials (e.g. intermetallic phases) and low cobalt-containing cathodes.