Cross-sectoral topics

The cross-cutting topics address cross-project issues at IPCEI programme level.

They enable exchange both between IPCEI projects and with relevant stakeholders. Within the cross-sectoral topics, we inform about current developments and contribute to tackle the challenges of building the European battery ecosystem through our team's and integrated external expertise. This maximises the success of the IPCEI projects and the battery ecosystem in Europe.

Key issues

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The topic sustainability covers all three aspects: Ecological sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability.

Circular Economy & Resources

The topic covers issues such as regulation, tracking, second Life and recycling.

Industry 4.0

The topic covers, among others, digitalisation, automated production and digital batteries.


The topic covers questions around committees & processes, information about & participation in standardisation, regulation & compliance.


This topic covers, among others, questions related to securing the workforce, qualifiaction of labour and diversity as factor for success.

Publications on cross-sectoral topics


Study | Sustainability of battery cell production in Europe

How sustainable are batteries and electric mobility really?

Battery technology is becoming an essential component of sustainable mobility and energy supply. For this purpose, all facets of sustainability must be taken into account when establishing the new European industrial sector of battery cell production. 

Information | Gender & Diversity

Gender equality and diversity are key drivers for innovation. A corporate culture that builds on diversity of its workforce – in terms of sex, social gender or gender identity, as well as origin, nationality and age – has a positive impact on the company's innovativeness, reputation and success.

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