Solid State Batteries - The holy grail for 2030?

Virtual Discussion | 12 May 2022 | 16.30 - 17.15 CEST

What will be addressed?

  • Are solid state batteries the holy grail for 2030?
  • When are solid state batteries the most used EV batteries?
  • Solid state batteries were underrated in the past. Can a new solid state battery be the next big surprise for future technologies?

In this Battery Live Talk, moderator Dr. Kerstin Zehbe, VDI/VDE-IT, will deep-dive into the topic of solid state batteries. Our guests, Elizaveta Keßler, Senior Consultant E-Mobility at P3 automotive GmbH, and Roberto Pacios, Technology Coordinator at CIC energiGUNE, will give insights and discuss their views on the key question: Are solid state Batteries the holy grail for 2030?

Recently, major automobile companies invested hundreds of millions of Euros in solid state batteries (SSB) e.g. based on lithium metal. Furthermore, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) supports new projects to develop this kind of batteries in a measure for "research in the priority line of funding for battery cell production". The new focus on solid state batteries is based on the fact that they will store more energy, charge faster, and be safer than standard liquid lithium-ion batteries. Therefore they will have a massive impact on the EV market.



This discussion format is free of charge and opens a channel for critical reflection on important questions that arise within the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) European Battery Innovation. The IPCEI aims to move the whole value chain to Europe to make Europe a global market player.

The event is organised by the accompanying research of the IPCEI (managed by VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action). The team promotes the establishment of battery production in Germany and Europe, connects the funded projects with actors of this ecosystem, supports political decision-making processes and moderates stakeholder dialogues.

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But which are your battery-related key questions and issues that need to be tackled in the coming years? 

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