Workstream 3: Battery Systems

The aim of this WS is to develop key innovations for the implementation of the produced battery cells into battery packs and modules. Towards the upstream direction of the battery value chain, the battery packs developed in WS 3 focus on modular approaches for battery cells and therefore impose a cell package design for the assembly of LIBs. Thus, the battery disassembling process and the recycling process can be optimized with a standardized cell package design.

Another aim is to improve the battery management system (BMS) in terms of easy maintenance, control and support, also for next generation cells. Further, the battery modules and packs should be designed to meet the applications requirements in terms of high fast charging, thermal management and safety, also by integration of ultracapacitors into hybrid battery systems (HBS). Work is performed on an integrated safety approach to allow for controlled heat and energy control in case of thermal runaways of single battery cells.

In the field of energy storage battery systems this WS is aiming for standardization, modularity and connectivity, with an eye on long cycle life, repurposing and serving multiple applications or locations. Hence, the eco design for the 2nd life application or recycling purposes is addressed as well, leading to significant reduction of the CO2 footprint within the battery value chain due to optimized interactions.

For industrial applications, relatively small volumes, diverse requirement profiles, and high development costs for battery systems can lead to slow adaptation of novel technology. The successful development of novel battery systems needs to integrate state-of-the-art results of previous workstreams while addressing more vehemently time-to-market, development costs, platform development, automation, etc. This in turn calls an ecosystem consisting of industrial and production equipment manufacturers, battery technology providers, component manufacturers, test partners and test equipment manufacturers.